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The Tarabichi brothers have earned a global reputation for their surgical advancements and prioritize educating and instructing surgeons from various countries. Dr. Muaaz Tarabichi is the Co-Founder of Tarabichi ENT, The Best ENT Doctor in Dubai, under his leadership and guidance, the Institute holds a group of ENT surgeons and healthcare research personnels whose sole mission is to improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of medical interventions in Ear, Nose and Throat surgeries in the middle-east region.

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Specialized Patient Care

The Tarabichi brothers are renowned for their innovative surgical techniques, making them a top choice for specialized and personalized patient care. Their focus on training and teaching other surgeons has resulted in a high level of expertise in their field, ensuring that patients receive the most advanced and effective treatments. In addition, their expertise attracts patients from around the world, making them a sought-after destination for specialized medical care.

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20th TSESI Hands-On Cadaver Dissection course

This one-of-a-kind course will showcase the expertise and knowledge of world-renowned surgeons in the field of Ear, Sinus, Anterior Skull base and Rhinoplasty surgeries. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the surgical anatomy of Ear and Sinuses, different techniques & approaches in ESS, Anterior Skull base and Rhinoplasty surgery.

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Tarabichi Stammberger Ear and Sinus Institute

TSESI is a group of ENT surgeons and healthcare research personnel whose sole mission is to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness, and cost of medical interventions in Ear and Sinus Surgery. A rigorous exchange of information and learning at TSESI!This is a course designed to relay a thorough run-through of the surgical anatomy and techniques for ear and sinus surgery.

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