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Difference between migraine and sinus headache?

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Sinus headache and migraine are commonly misunderstood. While a stuffy or runny nose, along with symptoms like headache and hurting of the cheeks, would often mean the issue of sinus, you’d be surprised that sometimes these are diagnosed as migraine too.

Misdiagnosis is also quite common – according to a study, about 95% of the people who assumed they had sinus headaches ended up diagnosed with migraine during further investigation.

What cause Sinus headache?

Sinusitis, alternatively known as sinus infection, is an inflammation of the tissues lining the sinuses. This can lead to sinus headaches, but true sinus headaches are rare and are called rhinosinusitis. Some symptoms include a weaker smell, facial pain, and fever.

These symptoms could last a week and may improve after treatment with antibiotics. However, in not-so-common cases, reconsidering the diagnosis is a wise move.

What is a migraine?

Migraine is an entirely different condition, although the symptoms it creates are similar. Migraine is a neurological condition, sometimes also called a complex neurological disorder. A migraine can be characterised by headaches that can be moderate to severe.

Migraine pain can be on one or both sides, sometimes in the front or around the eyes. It will feel like a throbbing pain.

How do you differentiate between a sinus headache and a migraine headache?

Keeping track of your symptoms helps differentiate between sinus headaches and migraine. But the best way to do this is to visit your ENT doctor. While general physicians might fail to offer an appropriate diagnosis, an ENT specialist will be equipped with knowledge and tools for diagnosis.

Time and again, Dr Muaaz Tarabichi has been relied upon as the best ENT doctor in Dubai who offers thorough examination for each case – simple or complex.

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